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Isagenix Independent Associate
Frank & Ursula Valdez

TIRED OF THE YO - YO WEIGHT GAINS? I know I was until I found the Isagenix system.

Things that impressed me to become an associate and use the product?
GREAT TASTING PRODUCTS with a 30 day Money Back Product Guarantee
Cost less than $5 per meal replacement - so very affordable

I have tried many weight loss programs with mixed results. I have had a series of health concerns in my life as well. This is the first program where I have not only seen quick results in my release of excess pounds but I feel so much better.

Luckily these products are just natural great tasting food that help to cleanse the body of built up impurities and then feed it dense nutrition using their great tasting products. Then the miracle of the body takes over to make things change. I have not felt this good in my many years with better sleep, less concerns with the seasonal issues, and just more energy each day.

Due to the reduced weight and increased energy levels I am now enjoying getting back into the gym for exercise

So if you are looking for less stress in your life, less worries about your direction of the scales, looking for some extra potential income as well as being able to help other people to feel great - you really need to give us a try.

Remember all of our products have a 30 Day Money Back on Product Guarantee so there is nothing to lose but everything to gain by trying the products for the full 30 days to see how they will make you feel.

We have a variety of ways to purchase products from Retail, to Wholesale (Preferred Customer Program), to becoming an associate as a business opportunity.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call so we can help you get started to your new Healthy Lifestyle Changes. We look forward to meeting you as new friends in our worldwide business family.

Frank and Ursula Valdez
Drop us an E-mail or call us on our cell phones
We love to talk about helping others to reach thier goals.
Phoenix, Arizona

Ursula Cell: 480-326-6209
Frank Cell: 480-326-6105
Phone: 480-326-6105
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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